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Keras : An Neural Network library written in Python

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Keras is a deep learning API (Application Programming Interface), running on top of the machine learning platform TensorFlow. Keras doesn't handle low-level computation. Instead, it uses another library to do it, called the "Backend". So Keras is a high-level API wrapper for the low-level API, capable of running on top of TensorFlow, CNTK, or Theano. Keras High-Level [...]

Python libraries : Select the best for data science

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Always a selection of useful and best libraries for our goals can be so effective. About data science, the most important Python libraries for data science tasks covering areas: data mining, data processing, modeling, and visualization are: Read more: What is Data Science? The accelerator approach to solving your problem! Python libraries for Data Mining or [...]

machine-learning libraries of Python

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There, we learn about machine learning by python. Python is a good programming language for science, technology, and also business! Best Python libraries for Machine Learning: Numpy Scipy Scikit-learn Theano TensorFlow Keras PyTorch Pandas Matplotlib Ref:

Python jobs: What job can I get with Python? 

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The first and important thing at starting one learning is the future and jobs that need it. So, I read various websites in python jobs and the future of it. I can say, It is versatile. yes, you hear right. with me to know why I say that :) 6 python jobs that you can get [...]