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How is data science used in sale?

By |2021-03-05T16:07:58+03:305th March, 2021|Categories: Business, DS knowledge|Tags: , |

Data has now become an integral part of all industries, and the use of data science in sale is crucial for sales leaders to operate effectively, and focus on appropriate strategies that lead to production, enhance the customer experience. And discover hidden opportunities. Today, despite the scattered sources of information, the use of data science techniques [...]

how did data analysis help nissan company?

By |2021-02-14T00:44:06+03:3014th February, 2021|Categories: DS knowledge, Engineering|Tags: , , |

Using a large amount of its own data, called data silos, and data analysis, Nissan was able to help Nissan discover new patterns based on its previous data. To provide more relevant offers to potential car buyers and to be informed of the tastes and options requested by the company's fans. Last year (2020), with the [...]

Importance and applications of Data Science in business

By |2020-10-25T15:51:33+03:3026th October, 2020|Categories: Business|Tags: , , , |

Today, business and other fields are data-centric, so it can use the data in order to improve and run in a better way. 1. Making Smarter Decisions in your business: The meaningful insights will help the data science companies to analyze information on a large scale and gain necessary decision-making strategies. that is a four-step process: 1-1. [...]