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Mesoscale models

  • Mesoscale modelling unifies materials design-links atomistic scale with FEM/CFD and QSPR.
  • It is the crucial link between our microscopic understanding of a system and the corresponding macroscopic description.
  • Nanoscale structures play a crucial role in determining material properties.
  • Action of material depends on the precise form of the nanoscale units.
  • Structures are processing pathway dependent – need to control this.
  • “Brownian” motion is a Classic example of a mesoscale phenomenon

    What is multiscale modelling?

  • a generic definition of mesoscale, that it is any intermediate scale at which the phenomena at the next level down can be regarded as always having equilibrated, and at which new phenomena emerge with their own relaxation times.

Mesoscale modelling techniques

Applications of mesoscale modelling

  • Block-copolymers and surfactants
  •  Liquid crystalline polymer
  • Dislocation structures in metals
  •  Nanotechnology
  •  Biomedical materials
  •  In general: any type of self-organising material
  • Meso-scale structure is critical to characterize complex systems in chemical engineering.

Multi-scale characteristics of chemical engineering and its multilevel
(Adapted from Li et al., 2009.)

Block copolymers for drug delivery

Block copolymers for drug delivery

Industrial Mesoscale Structures

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