Simulation and Environment

the art in the method of problem solving by modeling and simulation used in environmental protection.

  • Up to now the state of the environment has been changed by human activities in a dramatic and dangerous way. This situation must be stopped as soon as possible. Therefore, we need innovative theoretical and practical scientific approaches. The urgency of the problem poses a challenge to computer science and particularly to environmentally oriented informatics.
  • Important methods and tools are modeling and simulation. Modeling and simulation is a problem solving method where problems are solved not by experimentation with real world systems but by experiments using models of real world objects.
  • In the environmental domain, simulation models are especially used in four fields: emission computation (air, water, ground pollution), process control, groundwater – economical and flow investigations, and ecosystem research.
  • Modeling and simulation in the environmental domain today is used to determine the dynamic behaviour of systems in order to make decisions or to test the impact of human actitivities (e.g. the use of solar energy for heating, construction, production processes, traffic and logistic planning and decisions) on the environment.

R. Griitzner, University of Rostock, Department of Computer Science, Germany, 1996.

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