Machine Learning (ML)

/Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning means: the education of computer to make predictions using the data! That can help us to get speed and accuracy in our science or business, this is a useful work!

Machine Learning and understand how it’s transforming the digital world. It is an exciting branch of Artificial Intelligence.

The human brain is wonderful 🙂

Colab : A free host or computer for your data projects!

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Jupiter Notebook Colab is on Google computers. One of the concerns of data science experts is to have a computer or host with a lot of space to run their projects! As is often the case, Google has maintained its customer orientation and provided Colab to you! Colab is a free, virtual cloud computing service that [...]

What is data and different types of data?

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Data is the main tool of data science technology, as the name of this technology is based on this word. Today's world is a world of information production. They come in many forms such as temporal data, sensor signals, images, tags, text, and more. Data is a set of values ​​in the form of qualitative or [...]