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What is machine learning? Training to the computer!

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Machine Learning:  Algorithms from programming language + Datasets from experience ⇒ what is the problem? You know, That's great because the most important in every issue is Problem detection so that it can be solved! So, humans can learn but the machine follows, and this difference has many important things to say. Are you agree? In my [...]

What is Deep Learning? The patterns from neurons network of brain!

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Deep learning : A new subset of machine learning technique that teach computers to learn by example, especially trough getting patterns from  neural network of human brain! In deep learning, by written a algorithm, can be create a computer model to use data, that do the tasks directly from text, images, or sound, Similar to what [...]

machine-learning libraries of Python

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There, we learn about machine learning by python. Python is a good programming language for science, technology, and also business! Best Python libraries for Machine Learning: Numpy Scipy Scikit-learn Theano TensorFlow Keras PyTorch Pandas Matplotlib Ref: