Data Science : The approach toward smart Nanoengineering

/, Engineering/Data Science : The approach toward smart Nanoengineering

Data Science : The approach toward smart Nanoengineering

Data Science as new field of research is an essential and accelerator approach for the transition from nanoscience to nanotechnology.
It is a useful method that using big data at the small scales that can moves toward the goal, rapidly. Nanoscience is studying on the
scales of atomic, molecular, and supramolecular, and nanotechnology has converted that science to technology in order to do big
workings in small scales. Design and discovery in science and technology is the cause of using computer-based methods like data
science and its techniques, for example, Machine Learning (ML) and statistical methods, for solving problems, improvement and
so getting good results on them. So, data science needs science, technology and, also industrial in order to improve production.
This is a mini-review for the title.


2nd International Congress on Engineering, Technology and Innovation,
Darmstadt University, Darmstadt, Germany. 16 – 17 July 2020.

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