how did data analysis help nissan company?

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Using a large amount of its own data, called data silos, and data analysis, Nissan was able to help Nissan discover new patterns based on its previous data. To provide more relevant offers to potential car buyers and to be informed of the tastes and options requested by the company's fans. Last year (2020), with the [...]

data science for materials science and engineering

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Data‐driven science is heralded as a new paradigm in materials science. In this field, data is the new resource, and knowledge is extracted from materials datasets that are too big or complex for traditional human reasoning—typically with the intent to discover new or improved materials or materials phenomena. Multiple factors, including the open science movement, national [...]

Data Science : The approach toward smart Nanoengineering

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Abstract Data Science as new field of research is an essential and accelerator approach for the transition from nanoscience to nanotechnology. It is a useful method that using big data at the small scales that can moves toward the goal, rapidly. Nanoscience is studying on the scales of atomic, molecular, and supramolecular, and nanotechnology has converted [...]