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Data science projects and 5 important principles

By |2021-08-21T18:17:00+04:3023rd August, 2021|Categories: DS knowledge, DS projects, Marketing|

Work on data science projects in such a way that a valuable and profitable result is achieved. To achieve this important and efficient principle, you first need to know the things that lead to it. In the modern world, we are facing the introduction of various branches of information technology, including data science and its effective [...]

How is data science used in targeted advertising?

By |2021-08-18T21:23:53+04:3019th August, 2021|Categories: Business, DS knowledge|

Targeted advertising is a type of online advertising that is directed to an audience with specific characteristics based on the product or person being advertised. The targeted online advertising or digital marketing industry is bigger than you think, and there has been significant growth in the last decade. Having online advertising provides instant feedback for companies [...]